Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deposit?

Use the deposit link at the top of the Homepage and send your items to the bot as a gift. You will be shown the value in credit and prompted to confirm the deposit. In order to trade with our bots your account must not have a Steam Guard Restriction.

How do I withdraw?

Select items from our marketplace and Checkout. A trade offer containing your items will be created on your behalf, and you will receive a link to accept the trade offer on the Steam website. If for some reason you cannot accept the trade offer you can decline it and send another using the transaction history page.

What is is a new innovative way to gamble your CS:GO skins. Players can exchange their skins in exchange for credit. They can then bet these credit on flexible win chances and payouts. If you prefer the high win chance low reward approach, or maybe you would rather bet low with a chance to win big, then this is the site for you! We are proud to be the first website to cater for all styles of gambling.

How much are credit worth?

You can exchange 1 Credit for roughly $1 Steam Dollar worth of items in our marketplace. It is important to note that credit have no real-life value.

How are prices determined?

Prices are determined using publicly available data from SteamAnalyst. There are some items we do not accept due to price volatility. We have blocked all stickers, souvenir items, music kits, and capsules. Furthermore the following discounts are applied:

Price Discount
0.00 - 0.50 Not Accepted
0.50 - 5.00 20% off
5.00 - 10.00 10% off
10.00+ Full Price

These are not fees - The items that have a % discount are applied equally to both sides of deposit and withdrawals. You are able to deposit/withdraw the same item at no cost as many times as you want. The reason we have this policy is to discourage a flood of low-value items and to provide a discount to those withdrawing low-value items over the big ticket items.

What fees are involved when depositing and withdrawing?

We currently have a 5% withdrawal fee which applies exclusively to users whose total deposits or withdrawals (whichever is higher) exceed their wagered amount. This is to prevent people from abusing our marketplace for trading purposes. You will be notified while withdrawing if this fee applies to your account. To remove this fee, simply wager more credit and reload the marketplace to check.

How do I get a white-listed referral code?

Our current guidelines for getting your code white-listed are as follows: 50k+ Twitter followers OR 150k YouTube Subscribers OR on Twitch an average view count of 500+. For any other sites you must have a similarly large follower count. Contact if you meet these requirements.

How does the affiliate system work?

Every white-listed player at CSGO credit has the option to set a unique referral code, which can be done in the affiliate side bar. Once your code is set and white-listed, you can then give out this code to other players. When a player redeems this, they will receive 0.50 credit for free and will forever be signed up under your name. If the player makes a bet, you will receive commission. The commission will depend on how many users you have referred that have made a deposit. See the table below for more info.

Affiliate Level Unique Depositors Commission (% of each bet)
1 0 0.50%
2 10 0.625%
3 50 0.75%
4 100 0.875%
5 200+ 1.00%

How can I trust that rolls are fair and legitimate?

CSGO credit features the strongest possible provable fairness which means you don’t have to trust us, each roll is mathematically fair and provable to be manipulation free. Unlike a “real” gaming site which promise true randomness and peer review, we offer true fairness. Using simple cryptography we can 100% prove, not just promise, that each roll is completely random and honest. Because at the end of the day, why trust people when you can trust numbers? View the provably fair page for more information regarding this.

Can I get paid to promote this website?

Of course! If you have a fanbase feel free to shoot us an email at - We will reply within 24h!

I think I found a bug, can I get paid for this?

CSGO credit offers a competitive whitehat bounty program. If you find an undiscovered bug that we deem worth fixing you will be credited based on the severity of the bug. Please contact with a detailed report.

Can I play on my mobile?

Yes! Simply visit the website on your iPhone/iPad or other mobile device. Kindly

What is the maximum payout?

Maximum bets are adjusted manually to maintain site solvency. The maximum payout currently is 10,000 credit. This means that the bet + profit can not exceed 10,000 credit in a single bet.

What are the rules for using chat?

Based on the judgement of our moderators, additional rules may be enforced according to the situation.